Ketofest 2018 Cooking Courses

I will be teaching two in depth, hands on Cooking Classes Monday July 23rd in New London Connecticut as part of KetoFest


Culinary Keto 101 Morning Class

  • Blinis with American Caviar and Crème Fraiche

So many traditional foods elevated to culinary classics are already keto friendly. What could be more so than salted fish eggs and cultured cream? All you have to do is base the classic buckwheat pancake on eggs instead of grains and this culinary institution becomes a low carb-high fat dream come true. 

  • Pan-Seared Duck Breast with Black Berries and sautéed Wild Mushrooms

Duck is prized for its generous layer of fat and crisp skin. But to attain the desired crisp skin and tender flesh you need the proper technique. We will complete it with a beautiful pan sauce and accompany it with classic pairing of black berries which help to balance the richness of the duck and wild mushrooms which enhance and match its depth of flavor. 

  • Spiced Panna Cotta with Caramel Sauce

Panna Cotta is gelatin elevated, combined with cream and spices the result is simultaneously simple and sophisticated, rich yet refined. It is extra decadent when paired with a sugar free caramel sauce.
Taffiny Elrod May 2018


Culinary Keto intermediate Afternoon Class

  • Seared Fois Gras and Scallops with a salad of seasonal greens and Champagne Vinaigrette

The ultimate culinary fat with fresh garden greens balanced with a sharp vinaigrette 

  • Braised Breast of Veal and Risotto Milanese with Gremolata

Braising is one of my favorite techniques. Breast of veal offers plenty of silky gelatin and cooks more quickly than more common proteins like shanks or short ribs. Braised with pancetta, white mirepoix and fresh rosemary, as the veal cooks it creates its own velvety sauce. 
Risotto Milanese is a classic dish enriched with butter and bone marrow and scented with saffron. By making it with cauliflower we will maintain and enhance all the keto friendly aspects of the classic while making it low in carbs. 

  • Chocolate-Espresso Torte with Zabaglione

A rich and decadent bitter-sweet torte paired with a light custard based sauce made with a dry wine instead of the usual sweet dessert wine. 

Taffiny Elrod 2018

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